Cliff Martinez ‎– Only God Forgives

Cliff Martinez ‎- Only God Forgives (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Label:  Milan – 399 484-2

Format: CD, Album

Country: Europe

Released: 2013

Genre: Electronic

Style: Abstract, Ambient, Soundtrack

The movie duo formed by director Nicolas Winding Refn and actor Ryan Gosling gained an unexpected and deserved success with the movie “Drive”. Two years later, the partnership led to the production of “Only God Forgives”, focused on the theme of revenge and strength, which became true violence, reinforced by an intense and accurate soundtrack. The last one by Cliff Martinez mixed electronic and synth-pop elements, now the former Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer creates an atmosphere of rare and exaggerated tension, among a few Orientalist incursions, which stirs in trembling anxiety. The final track is a further gem composed by Thai band PROUD focused on dreaming about life with someone else.


01. Cliff Martinez – Only God Forgives

02. Cliff Martinez – Ask Him Why He Killed My Brother

03. Cliff Martinez – Chang And Sword

04. Cliff Martinez – Chang Vision

05. Cliff Martinez – Do As Thou Will

06. Cliff Martinez & Vithaya Pansringarm – ลืมไม่ลง (Can’t Forget)

07. Cliff Martinez – Crystal Checking In

08. Cliff Martinez – More Hands

09. Cliff Martinez – Sister Part 1

10. Cliff Martinez – Take It Off

11. Cliff Martinez – Leave My Son In Peace

12. Cliff Martinez & Rhata Phongam – ใจอ่อน (Falling In Love)

13. Cliff Martinez – Crystal And The Bodybuilders

14. Cliff Martinez – Ladies Close Your Eyes

15. Cliff Martinez – Bride Of Chang

16. Cliff Martinez – Wanna Fight

17. PROUD – เธอคือความฝัน (You’re My Dream)


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