Chris Watson ‎– In St Cuthbert’s Time

Chris Watson ‎- In St Cuthbert's Time

Label: Touch – TO:89

Format: CD, Album

Country: UK

Released: 2013

Genre: Non-Music

Style: Field Recording

From the Mexican ghost train to the ruins of the famous medieval Abbey of Lindisfarne, Chris Watson still wants to surprise the listener with his microphone. For the exhibition of some old gospels held in Durham Cathedral, the former Cabaret Voltaire member chooses to recall the soundscape of that obscure and violent period, as well as perceived by St. Cuthbert of Northumbria in his long monk days, before Viking hordes came to the ‘holy island’ in 793 a.C., devastating it. The experimental and hermetic album simply entitled “St. Cuthbert’s Time” celebrates salt mists and tiny rain drops, lovable chickens of birds, sea waves on rocky cliffs and disturbing night screams.


01. Winter

02. Lencten

03. Sumor

04. Haerfest


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