Efdemin ‎– Efdemin

Efdemin ‎– Efdemin

Label: Dial – dial CD 10

Format: CD, Album

Country: Germany

Released: 2007

Genre: Electronic

Style: Deep House, Minimal, Techno

Exaltation of the search of his creative limits, the eponymous work of Phillip Sollman was the most shining given birth to a single lofty mind quite ten years ago. A sophisticated debut, the Berliner was already a self-assured producer who knew what he wanted to do first: solid linear structures and attention for ambient details. Focusing his own capacity in the limit between home listening and club tracks, Efdemin put together minimal sounds, funk notes, liquid keyboards and dancefloor attitudes. Mix of different night emotions, “Efdemin” was able to create admirable deep suspensions and tailor-made for that lovely place between dancing and dreaming. From old school to new tendencies.


01. Knocking At The Grand

02. Lohn & Brot

03. Le Ratafia

04. Acid Bells (Album Version)

05. Back To School

06. Stately, Yes

07. Further Back

08. Salix Alba

09. April Fools

10. Bergwein


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